Nisha Kapur Launch editor, World Service Languages TV, BBC Global News
Maxine Mawhinney has been the lead presenter trainer for BBC Global News for the past two years, training all of our TV presenters. During that time we have launched TV programmes in seven languages and are now piloting programmes in a further 8 languages. We have launched a variety programme genres – discussion, debate, news programmes, news bulletins, sport and business segments. Maxine has the experience and knowledge to train presenters in all of these disciplines. 

The key to Maxine’s success as a presenter trainer is that she has personal experience and knowledge of the job and is hugely respected by those she trains. She has a professional, nurturing and meticulous style which is cleverly adapted to each individual. She has a particular skill in working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. She takes time to understand the media environment the programmes will be transmitted in and can identify the presentation and performance styles of specific languages. 
I would highly recommend her as a Presenter trainer. 

Paul McVeigh, former Northern Ireland international footballer also Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich.
"I have worked with Maxine Mawhinney and she was amazing! Her knowledge and depth of understanding with everything to do with presenting were extremely professional. Her ability to get across the salient points while making it fun and enjoyable made our training together a great experience. I would recommend Maxine to anyone who wishes to learn from the best!"

Matt Holland, former Republic of Ireland international footballer and also Ipswich Town.
Maxine helped me enormously with my presenter training. At our first meeting, being a novice and very nervous she was able to communicate the basics and gave me real confidence. She has a bubbly personality which is very infectious and that helped a great deal. Subsequent sessions have been just as enjoyable and educational and I can highly recommend her. 

Lisa Reynolds BBC Cambridge 
Hi Maxine, 
Thanks so much for everything on Wednesday. 
After you left one reporter said it was the 'best day's training' they had had in the whole of their BBC career! 
Best Wishes 

Amanda Goodman Presenter BBC Oxford 
It was fab to meet you! I will go on air tonight with maximum energy and impact thanks to you -- you are a brilliant psychologist as well as everything else ! 

Jeff Brown Presenter BBC Newcastle 
Hi Maxine, 
Just to say thanks so much for yesterday's session. A real eye (and mouth!) opener. No more will I sit with that daft look on my face!! It looked FANTASTIC (though I say so myself). 
The top half of the programme felt SO much stronger. Can't thank you enough. Just got to keep up the same level of intensity. 
All the best, 

Zainib.Naseer, BBC Director
'I have taken part in 4 training sessions with Maxine over the past 3 years and have learnt from each and every one of them! She delivers not only the best quality of presenting but how directors and vision mixers can learn from how presenters move and deliver, in terms of cutting for a news programme. As a director she has taught me how body language is so important in presenting, and we directors feel that her training sessions are vital for now presenters. She is not only an amazing presenter but an amazing person!''

James Porter, head of the BBC Journalist Training Scheme
"Hi Maxine. Many Thanks for your time earlier today - it was patently obvious how much the group enjoyed their time with you and copious notes were bing taken around the room as you dispensed your various pearls of wisdom!
Once more you managed to pass on advice in a way that inspires the recipients and makes them feel that they are the most important people in the room.
The feedback was, as always with you, glowing and a lot of them mentioned how reassuring it was to hear that everyone gets scared when starting a new job - just what they needed to hear. 
Thanks a lot for being, frankly, the perfect guest for that time in their week and I look forward to seeing you soon."

Betty Lamers, Opleidingscoördinator, NOS Journaal
"Hi Maxine, you’r soooo good girl !!!
Thanks a lot for being here. For being so nice. For being so winsome and genial. For being the best trainer we ever had. Everybody enjoyed working with you and so did I.

Big Hug"

Dear Ms Mawhinney,
We watched your interview with Ceri Thomas about the North Korea Panorama programme this afternoon, and we have to say, that we thought it was a superb example of how to conduct an interview.

You were sharp, incisive, challenging, probing, with short, penetrating questions that got to the heart of the matter. 

You were also polite, allowing Mr Thomas to answer your points without interrupting him, yet at the same time, you did not allow him to ignore the points you were making.

All too often, we are left frustrated after watching an interview because the questions we’d like to see being asked aren’t, but this most definitely was not the case today.

You did a great job and the interview is a text book example of how to conduct a television interview.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

George Cole and Rita Cole