Media Training 

Maxine is heavily involved in the training of the next generation of journalists and broadcasters. She is the leading trainer of presenters and reporters for the BBC College of Journalism. She also works outside the BBC training with other broadcasters throughout Europe. 


All courses are tailored to requirement. One-to one bespoke training and group master classes.

Presentation and performance skills in and out of the studio

Bulletins, 24 hour rolling news and discussion programmes.

Breaking and sustaining news in and out of the studio
The anchor/reporter on location – live skills, lives in the dark, use of audio.

Delivery, autocue/prompter, voice work, body language, breathing.

Interview skills – how to get the best from the guest.

Video wall – static, interactive, virtual, interviewing at the wall.

Sitting, standing, walking in or out of the studio.

Make your piece to camera relevant, different and alive.

What to do when it all goes wrong – in and out of the studio.

How to be warm, conversational and confident on air

Training for news, current affairs/discussion, sport, weather, children’s programmes to name a few.

Specialist in training in English for foreign language broadcasters. For the BBC I have trained Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Pashto, Burmese, Vietnamese, Hausa, French and Swahili and Irish presenters and reporters.

I have piloted and launched BBC Arabic, BBC Persian, BBC Swahili and BBC Urdu along with programmes for BBC Pashto.

Outside of the UK I have run training courses for broadcasters in Belgium, Holland and Ireland.