Hello Can You Hear Me?

Do you ever not quite hear what someone is saying? Do you fill in the gaps yourself and find that you have misinterpreted or even missed the point? Does the noise around you drown out the detail?

That’s what happens when your message isn’t communicated clearly and your client doesn’t fully understand. You both lose out.

I was recently diagnosed with 20% hearing loss in both ears. It had been gradual and attributed to wearing an earpiece for live TV for 4 decades and also going to really loud rock concerts in the 70s.

I was compensating for a long time. It was a family joke when I answered a question that I thought I had heard but it wasn’t what was asked because I was filling in the blanks.

I now have state of the art digital hearing aids. They are tiny and I control them by an app on my phone. I can even control the direction of the microphones for different locations and circumstances.

Most importantly I can hear clearly again.

It got me thinking about corporate communication and the importance of the clarity of the message.

It’s not only the words, but the way in which they are communicated.

Are you telling your story properly or is the audience filling in the blanks? Are you cutting through the noise in your landscape so that your message is loud and clear above the others?

And is your performance as good remotely on a screen or a teleconference as it is in person?

Using my 40 years’ experience in live TV news I help companies with storytelling, communicating and performance skills across all industries. I bring the secrets of Television into your world so that you can be heard.

The family joke now is that I’ve gone from missing out to missing nothing.

Make sure your clients hear your message.